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Forget the back and forth
of endless messaging.
BeeCanvas is a visual collaboration tool. It enables remote teams to be just as productive as if they were sitting in the same room. Even if you’re not designer, You can share your ideas on a single page, visually. Connect the dots with ease through visualization. Raw ideas are transformed into tangible, actionable plans.
Redefine the way you work:
Forget the back of forth of endless messaging. With BeeCanvas, you can exchange ideas quickly and simply. Communicate any idea as if you were together in the same room. Work confidently anytime, anywhere.
Visualize anything on your canvas,
where the magic happens.
Watch how easily your ideas become tangible, actionable plans.
You can spend your time working, not explaining.
Focus on what really matters.
We will handle the rest.
Pre-designed templates give you and your team an unfair advantage.
Take your productivity
to unbelievable new heights.
Remote work is our reality.
So why aren’t we better equipped?
Working remotely is a reality for the new generation of creative entrepreneurs, and it’s still often a struggle to get from idea to plan to prototype. BeeCanvas was created to fill that gap. When we initiated our startup, BeeCanvas was not our original idea. Back then, without an office, we simply worked at this or that cafe. Working remotely was a real challenge. Syncing our thoughts and communicating effectively was tough.

We realized we needed something new: a platform that seamlessly integrated a virtual whiteboard and a meeting room through the cloud. BeeCanvas enables remote teams to be just as productive as if they were sitting in the same room. Let’s shape the future of work together!
If you have suggested improvements, let us know:
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